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Gold Size
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GOLD LEAF - Quick-Dry Gilding Size/ Water  Base
A clear water Base gilder’s adhesive (size) for fast leaf work. It affords excellent durability, flexibility and open time for interior and exterior gilding applications. The Gold Leaf Quick Dry Size gilding size will achieve tack in approximately 1½ hours and the tack will remain for approximately the same period of time. Total hard dry occurs in about 36 hours. It should be noted that tack and dry times are subjective to the gilder’s technique, thickness of the film and are approximate depending on the ambient temperature and humidity when applied.Gilded size made in Italy !


Net Weight:930 Grams. Gloss Weight:1010 Grams .
Coverage:900-100 Grames sq metter.
Packlet:1 litre in 1 bottle,12 bottle in 1 carton.
We ship via DHL Express Service.This is done for your convenience, as it allows for tracking packages, seeing where the package is at any point and when it is expected to arrive to you. Naturally, we always forward a tracking number to each buyer as soon as the package ships out. An average transit time is 5-8 days; however, we do not guarantee it, as it is beyond our control and varies depending on your location.
Price is for single bottle  purchase.
Please contact us for quantity discount.

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