08-Mineral Pigmets
Mineral Pingmets
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Natural pigments are all natural colors. Because of their semi-transparent nature, they will not tint as strong as manufactured Oxides in opaque bases such as plasters or white paints.

In 2016 we added 15 new pigments, and currently offer 48 total pigments internationallyIn an effort to provide a wide array of versatile options, we’ll continue to research into untapped sources to develop and add new exciting pigments for the future.

As now I can not mail powdered gold to you. You know, since the event of September 11st, we can no longer mail any kind of powder, which is due to the national need of anti-terrorism.Our offer the producst in piece shape.


Packlet:Each 1 color 5 gram in 1 bottle,12 color in 1 box;
       Each 1 color 5 gram in 1 bottle,24 color in 1 box; 
       Each 1 color 5 gram in 1 bottle,48 color in 1 box. 
Price is for single box purchase.
Please contact us for quantity discount.

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